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2010Polydor Ltd.Invisible LightScissor Sisters
2010BBC Radio 4GOLDFINGERWRITER: Archie Scottney based on Ian Fleming's novel
2009BBC Radio 4WALTER NOWWRITER: David Cook
2008Audible.comOUTCASTWRITER: Michelle Paver

Fourth in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series

Download from Audible.com


2006BBC Radio 4SIR GAWAIN AND THE GREEN KNIGHTWriter: Simon Armitage

My reading of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, newly translated by the poet Simon Armitage, will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 2.15pm on Thursday 21st December 2006.


Writer: Samuel Coleridge



2006Orion Audio BooksSOUL EATERWRITER: Michelle Paver

Third in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series

Published: 7 September 2006

Download from The Talking Book Store

2005Orion Audio BooksSPIRIT WALKERWRITER: Michelle Paver

Second in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series

Published: 7 September 2005

2005BBC ASYLUMWRITER: Patrick McGrath
2005BBC Radio 4THE PRELUDEWRITER: William Wordsworth
DIRECTOR: Susan Roberts
LINKS by Robert Woof

First broadcast Monday 25 July -Friday 29 July 2005

I read five extracts from William Wordsworth's autobiographical poem to mark the bicentenary of the 1805 version. The reading was specially recorded at Dove Cottage in Grasmere where Wordsworth lived and wrote from December 1799 to May 1808, the years of his supreme work as a poet.

2005BBC Radio 4TERRE HAUTEWRITER: Edmund Wilson
DIRECTOR: Maria Aitken
With Troy Hill and Stuart Milligan

First broadcast 25 February 2005 21.00

Just before he was executed for the Oklahoma bombing, Timothy McVeigh was in correspondence with the American writer and iconoclast, Gore Vidal. In this play, the award winning novelist Edmund White imagines what would have happened had they ever met face to face in Terre Haute prison.


2004Naxos AudioBooks


THE TEMPESTWRITER: William Shakespeare
DIRECTOR: John Tydeman


2004Orion Audio Books




WRITER: Michelle Paver

First in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series

Publication Date: 16 September 2004


2004BBC Radio 4BE PREPAREDWRITER: Andy Rashleigh
ROLE: Robert Baden-Powell


2003BBC World Service RadioHIV/AIDS ConcertRecorded live at the Mermaid Theatre, London on Friday 7 November 2003
Broadcast 22 November 2003
2001BBC Radio 4LITTLE DORRITWRITER: Charles Dickens
ROLE: Dickens
Co-starring John Wood, Julian Wadham, Margaret Tyzack
Six weekly episodes broadcast beginning 22 April 2001
1996Penguin BooksODYSSEY (Unabridged)WRITER: Homer
1997 Audie Award for best solo narration
ROLE: Narrator

Recorded 12 July 1996; accompanies recording of I Fiamminghi conducted by Rudolf Werthen

1994Harper Collins AudioTHE DANCING BEARWRITER: Michael Morpurgo
ROLE: narrator
Co-starring: Vanessa Redgrave & Sting.
1994Pet Shop BoysHEARTMusic Video
Role: Dracula
Recorded 4 November 1989
Rebroadcast in 1994
1989BBC Radio 3WILD HONEYWRITER: Anton Checkhov, adapted and transated by Michael Frayn
ROLE: Platonov
Recorded 7-12 August 1989
1988WBUR Boston / NPRSPEAKING FOR EVERYMANShakespeare's Birthday Celebration
Air Date: 19 April 1988, 8:30pm
Guests: F. Murray Abraham, Sting, Margorie Garber
Peabody Broadcasting Award
1985BBC Radio 4DEAR AND HONOURED LADYExtract from act 2 of Noel Coward's Private Lives chosen by Queen Mother with Judi Dench as Amanda and Ian McKellen as Elliott
1983BBC Radio 3SIR THOMAS MOREWRITER: William Shakespeare, adapted for radio by Penny Gold
DIRECTOR: Martin Jenkins
ROLE: Sir Thomas More
Music specially composed by Philip Lane
Recorded 28 April - 2 May 1983
First transmitted in June 1983
1982THE DIARY OF A NOBODY WRITERWRITER: George & Weedon Grossmith
ROLE: Butcher
1980BBC Radio 3WORDS, WORDS, WORDS'A personal Choice of Poetry and Prose' broadcast in five 20 minute programmes, recorded at the BBC Paris Studio before an invited audience
1970sBBC Radio 4FAME IS THE SPURWRITER: Adapted by Ken Whitmore from Howard Spring's novel
DIRECTOR: Trevor Hill
ROLE: Hamer Radshaw

Recorded by BBC Manchester

1979BBC Radio SIR THOMAS MOREWRITER: Shakespeare
ROLE: Sir Thomas More
1979BBC RadioFAME IS THE SPURRecorded 7 January 1979
Transmitted 25 February 1979
1971BBC RadioHENRY VIWRITER: Shakespeare
ROLE: Dukes of York & Gloucester
1970BBC Radio 4A PROVINCIAL LIFEWRITER: Anton Chekov adapted by Peter Gill
ROLE: Misail Alexander Poloznev
CO-STARRING: Joseph O'Conor, Sheila Grant, Shirley Dixon, Eleanor Bron

First transmitted: 24 August 1970

ROLE: Romeo
Co-starring: Anna Calder-Marshall (Juliet) and Robert Eddison (Friar Lawrence)

Recorded 3 March 1970 for broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 6 April 1970.

1969Prospect Theatre CompanyEDWARD IIWRITER: Christopher Marlowe
ROLE: King Edward
Recording of Prospect Theatre Company performance
1968BBC RadioRICHARD IIIWRITER: Shakespeare
ROLE: Lord Hastings

Co-starring: Paul Daneman as Richard III, Judi Dench as Lady Anne

Recorded in studio B10, Broadcasting House, 24 June - 1 July 1967

Broadcast 24 December 1968

1967BBC RadioTHE SEAGULLWRITER: Anton Chekov
ROLE: Konstantin
1967BBC RadioTHE FIRST ST. JOANWRITER: G. Bernard Shaw
ROLE: Dauphin

Four scenes from "St. Joan" introduced by Dame Sybil Thorndike, who acted her original role in this play which took London by storm in 1924

Starring: Sybil Thorndike (Joan), Walter Fitzgerald (Archbishop), Ian McKellen (Dauphin), Clive Morton (Baudricourt), Michael Spice (Dunois), Alan Wheatley (The Inquisitor)

1966CaedmonHENRY VWRITER: Shakespeare
ROLE: Dauphin
1966CaedmonTHREE SISTERSROLE: Tuzenbach
Co-starring: Lynn Redgrave, Paul Schofield, and Jill Bennett
1966BBC RadioHENRY VIIIWRITER: Shakespeare
ROLE: Surrey
1966CaedmonEDWARD IIWRITER: Christopher Marlowe
ROLE: Gaveston
1966BBC RadioELECTRAROLE: Orestes
1965National TheatreMUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHINGWRITER: Shakespeare
ROLE: Claudio
Co-starring: Maggie Smith, Robert Stephens, Albert Finney, Derek Jacobi, Frank Finlay.
Bristol Hippodrome - 22 March 1965: Theatre Royal, Nottingham - 29 March 1965.
1965BBC Woman's Hour SerialSONS AND LOVERSWRITER: D. H. Lawrence
1960Marlowe Society/Argo RecordsHENRY IV PART 2WRITER: Shakespeare
ROLE: Davy
CO-STARRING:Anthony Jacobs, Gary Watson, Denis Mccarthy, Corin Redgrave,  Terence Hardiman, Derek Jacobi, Clive Swift (Falstaff), Philip Strick, Tony Robertson, and Roger Hammond
1960Marlowe Society/Argo RecordsA MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAMWRITER: Shakespeare
ROLE: Lysander
1958Marlowe Society/Argo RecordsANTONY & CLEOPATRAWRITER: Shakespeare
ROLE: Mardian
CO-STARRING: Irene Worth as Cleopatra
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