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Stephen Bayly

(Producer) earned degrees in drama and town planning in the United States and then moved to England in 1971 to study architecture.

He later set up Scott Free Enterprises with Tony and Ridley Scott, producing Loving Memory and The Author of Beltraffio, both directed by Tony Scott.

That experience piqued his interest in films, and in 1975, Bayly enrolled at the National Film School to study directing. There he experimented with comedy with the projects Dream City and Smile Until I Tell You To Stop.

He directed commercials for Sid Robertson Productions before setting up Red Rooster Films with Linda James. During that time, his credits as a director included: the award-winning television series "Joni Jones"; the telefilms "And Pigs Might Fly," "Dream Factory," and "The Works"; and the films Coming Up Roses and Just Ask For Diamond. He also served as executive producer on the series "South By South East" and the French film Letters From Patagonia.

Partnering with Lisa Katselas Paré, he formed Bayly/Paré Productions to produce RICHARD III.