Ian McKellen Stage
Shallow (Ian McKellen) and Falstaff (Clive Swift)<br /><em>Edward Leigh</em>
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Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by John Barton
Ian McKellen in the role of Justice Shallow
Cambridge Arts Theatre
10 March 1959 - 14 March 1959
Is Old Double of your town living yet? Act III, Scene 2. Silence (Michael Burrell) and Shallow (Ian McKellen)<br><em>Edward Leigh</em>
I know thee not, old man -- Act V, Scene 5. Shallow (Ian McKellen) far right, King Henry (Derek Jacobi) center, Falstaff (Clive Swift) center, Lady Percy (Eleanor Bron) left rear in white hood..<br><em>Edward Leigh</em>
Do you like him, Sir John? -- Act III, Scene 2. Shallow (Ian McKellen) and Falstaff (Clive Swift)<br><em>Edward Leigh</em>