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25 May 2008


Dear all who sent birthday greetings,

I was born 69 years ago on Sunday 25th May (it was a Thursday in 1939) at 8.30pm, in Burnley Lancashire UK.

Since then, both my parents, my step-mother, my aunts and uncles and my sister have died: which is a salutary thought as I embark on my three score and tenth year.

I shall be with friends on my birthday, which is always the best place to be. In July I shall be back at work. This site, as ever, will keep you informed.

All best wishes
Ian McKellen

From: Abhick Paul
no question frm my side!!! but i jst wanted wish u a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY as an advance on 25th may.

From: Ingrid Demeuleneire
 Dear Ian, Happy birthday already! By the way, here is the link to the Brussels Gay Pride from last week. http://www.blgp.be/en/index.php?splash=y Why is it always cold on those days? Brrr.

From: shane
Not really a question sir. but happy birthday for sunday. it's my birthday then too :D hope you have a good one... gandalf (hehe) bye bye now. x

From: Vendy
Dear Sir Ian McKellen! My name is Vendy ikulová and I am from Czech Republic. I wish you lot of, really lot of health, love and peace to Your birthday. On this occasion I beg to write you few words of admiration not only to Your work, but especially to the way you live. Your stance to life gave me advice. I don´t sit at home and complain of the heartless world. I try to help to other people.

From: Steph K.
Happy Birthday, Ian!!! Hugs & kisses on your day!

From: A LOTR fan
I just did what ever this is a few seconds ago but I forgot to wish you Happy(almost) Birthday! Hope it's filled with Lord of the Rings joy and cake. Be sure to eat your Lembus!

From: A Fan
Only I want to say you HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! I will celebrate your birthday by seeing the trilogy, thank you very much.

From: Natsu
Best wishes for your 69th birthday! Hope you continue to shine.

From: Unknown
Ian Just wishing you a happy birthday for tomorrow wherever you may be ! X

From: Oskar
What can I say? Happy birthday! I'm 16 and today we (me and my friends) are going to play Richard III on the stage on one of the biggest theaters in Milan- so it's a big day for my considering, that I want to be an actor...In fact, the work is double for me because I'm from Poland. I'm writing also to tell you, that you should go there one day...The level of intolerance and lack of respect for other people's choices is a serious problem in my country. I admire you talent and your courage. Coming out and speaking out loud the truth about ourselves is so difficult these days... Once again- have a nice time!

From: Mimi D.
Happy birthday Sir Ian! I hope you'll have a wonderful birthday and many more in the years to come!

From: Rosemary
I just wanted to wish you the happiest of birthday's and a wonderful 69th year of life! I toast you and hope you are well and happy. You are much loved Mr. McKellen. Love Rosemary from New York.

From: Michele
as it is your birthday today, I'd like to join the row of felicitators. So, have a very Happy Birthday and a merry time with your friends. My further wishes for you are: to find friends wherever you go, good health, luck and happiness and continuous strenght and courage to maintain your open mind and commitment for gay people in special - but also for more tolerance in general.

From: Jonathan
Sir Ian, I would like to wish you a very happy birthday! May this 69th year of your life be as happy and fulfilling as possible. Above all, do never forget, that "in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

From: Julie
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day! Many Blessings.

From: Karen
I want to wish you the best of life on your birthday. You are a great talent. Thank you for just being you.

From: La femme qui a voulu
No question here, only sincerest wishes of many happy returns of the day from a fan in Sweden. As you are likely to be amply supplied with chocolate, wine and flowers anyway, I honour your day with a contribution to RFSL, the Swedish equivalent of Stonewall (http://www.rfsl.se/?p=3298) A very, very happy birthday! (And a particularly heartfelt thank-you for recording "King Lear"!!!)

From: Cesar
Feliz Cumpleanos (Happy Birthday) Gracias (Thank You) for being a great inspiration in my life. I have enjoyed your amazing performances in all your films.You are a beautiful soul with an angelic voice.If you are ever in Texas please visit us at the Bass Hall in Fort Worth Texas. Best Wishes.

From: Emanuela
Happy Birthday Sir Ian! I wish you all the best and I thank you with all my heart for the way you touched my life with your art and commitment... Ciao from Milan, Italy.

From Kent:
Good day, Ian. I just want to wish you a happy (late) birthday and I also want to thank you for standing up for gay rights everywhere. A friend of mine (he's my distance track captain whom I met this spring) came out on Friday during his last day of high school and I have to say that I'm very proud of him for doing so. Just thought it was worth sharing. Again happy birthday which I'm sure you've had with all your friends and loved ones.

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