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"Mercy!" cried Gandalf: "if the giving of information is to be the cure of your inquisitiveness, I shall spend all the rest of my days in answering you. What do you want to know?"

14 September 2005 


From: Sarah

Q: I live in Canada and I found out about "The Grey Book" from the Lord of the Rings trivial pursuit game question. I'm so glad that i did because i am one of the biggest fans of the movies and the books my everything is Lord of the Rings so i just want to say how much it touched my heart to read the grey book because it made that experience much more real to me, like i was actually there. P.S. my kids love gandalf!!! and told me to say "Hi" All the best!!!

A: Good to have news of the LOTR Trivial Pursuits. Way back I was told the actors in the trilogy would be invited to send in their own questions but nothing happened.

ps and my regards to the kids.


From: Lydia Hendrick

Q: In Return of the King, what touched me deeply, when I first saw it and all the times since that I've seen it, is the scene where you comforted Pippin. The way you delivered the description of the continuing journey after this life was also comforting to me. I just wanted to thank you and the writers for inserting that vision in the movie. I had lost my husband the year ROTK was released and it helped me alot. I know that sounds silly but I am forever grateful.

A: You are not the only one to find that scene particularly affecting.


Q: In the RotK DVD additional CD you are saying, that Middle-earth lives. Its not a fairy tale. For me, that is true too, as ME lives in our hearts, if we long for something real, beautiful and true, the fellowship and connectedness of mankind. I am a Christian and find it in my faith. How do you see it, what is ME for you?

A: I was referring to Peter Jackson's filmic style, creating the reality of Middle-earth as a historic rather than a fictional place.


From: Leslie Fetro

Q" Is Mr. McKellen bothered if some of his fans only know him as Gandalf from the LOTR movies and are not familiar with any of his other fabu work?

A: He is and he isn't! I am delighted if any of my work gives pleasure. On the other hand, it is always rewarding if people know me from a number of parts. This site is designed to display the scope of my career.


From: Jessie

Q: I was wondering about the scene in Return of the King where Gandalf beats up Denethor with his staff. It looks so real, and I was curious as to how it was done. Was it a stage fight with sound effects added in later? How much did you have to practice?

A: The trick of pretending to fight is not to hurt each other and none of my apparent thrusts actually touched John Noble's Denethor. Crucial to the effect is the position of the camera and the addition of thumps and breathings and "ouch!" I have fought with sword and sometimes staff on and off onstage for 40 years.



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