25 May 2006

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21 November 2006


From: S Omnola

Q: I am thrilled to read of your visit to  The Street. I am a Canadian who has already made  two pilgrimages to Manchester. The show never ceases to entertain. My personal highlight was the 'brief' appearance  of Michael Le Vell as a very young Kevin Webster  in red bikini underpants when he shared a bedroom with Curly Watts at No. 3 (Emily Bishop's). Pray tell, what is YOUR favourite moment of the past 45 years' of Corrie?

A: Well I have myself now spent time in Emily's spare bedroom â€" alone, however. So my favourite moment of the show was proudly being actually in it. But I still remember with wonder the performance of the late Doris Speed as Annie Walker: and I have a photograph of Violet Carson's Ena Sharples on my wall.


Q: I've been reading your unofficial biography and the most interesting part I've read so far is  that someone was checking your audibility and he could still  hear you when he was outside the theatre! I've been to your  play Aladdin and it was wicked and I was a bit  disapointed to see you in women clothes but I  LOVE YOU SO MUCH EVEN IN THOSE CLOTHES!  And I really want to know if you work out because YOU ARE SO FIT!??

A: I can't recommend you proceed with the biography as I haven't read it. There's more on this site than in any book â€" and it's all reliable stuff.  I can reassure you I don't wear women's clothes except at work occasionally and, yes, I do a few easy exercises at the gym, even strenuous ones if I am preparing for a performance on stage, where I find I need more energy than when filming.



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