Ian McKellen in KING LEAR

by William Shakespeare

Limited run at the Duke of York's Theatre in London's West End completed 3 November 2018

"King Lear again: for 100 performances at the Duke of York's Theatre in London where I made my West End debut in 1964. It's a small theatre but we shall make it even more intimate by removing half the stalls seats, so everyone is closer to the actors. There will be 100 tickets for each show under £30 each. If you are between 16-25 you can sit on the front or back rows for £5-10. First performance is 11th July. Get booking!" -- Ian McKellen

Directed by Jonathan Munby



"A superbly detailed performance by McKellen", Michael Billington, The Guardian


"Ian McKellen is 'every inch a king'", Matt Trueman, Variety


"I've never seen the terrible struggle with the bewilderment of failing faculties more piercingly captured than by McKellen nor the combination of 'matter and impertinency mixed' come across as more volatile", Paul Taylor, The Independent


"A powerfully reflective performance", Ian Shuttleworht, FT


"Ian McKellen's detailed, intelligent performance is a triumph", Henry Hitchings, The Evening Standard


"Brutal, sensual, triumphant", Gary Shipton, iNews 4


"McKellen meticulously explores Lear's delusions of grandeur", John Nathan, Metro


"McKellen is never less than astonishing", Neil Norman, Express

Cast and Credits


KING LEAR completed its sold-out run at 

Chichester Festival Theatre
22 September — 28 October 2017
Minerva Theatre



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