A Kinght OutIan McKellen on:

    Sex at College

    I carried on acting at Cambridge University, in between studying English Literature, in the jolly company of other undergraduates, some of whom are now upholders of the cultural establishment of the United Kingdom. I acted with David Frost and Trevor Nunn and with Derek Jacobi. O how I fancied Derek, now Sir Derek! Something to do with his tight trousers, straight back and orange hair - a passion that was undeclared and unrequited. If there was any undergraduate sex at Cambridge, it wasn't much talked about in my circle. We were all far too busy getting ready for the professional theatre. Prospective agents came to Cambridge to recruit, following the critics from national newspapers who reviewed our productions. By the time I left Cambridge, I was to enter the business too - mainly because I'd heard that I might meet a few queers there - and I did!

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