by William Shakespeare

Original Cast, July - December 1990

King Edward IV Bruce Purchase
George, Duke of Clarence,
brother to King Edward
Peter Jeffrey
Richard, Duke of Gloucester,
younger brother to King Edward
Ian McKellen
Edward, Prince of Wales,
son to King Edward
Theo Cronin/Nicholas Gordon/Simon Blake
Richard, Duke of York,
son to King Edward
Matthew Hearne/Ross Munro/Alex Scott
Duchess of York, mother to
King Edward and his brothers
Joyce Redman
Queen Margaret,
widow of King Henry VI
Susan Engel
Lady Anne, widow of Edward, Prince
of Wales, son of King Henry VI
Eve Matheson
Ghost of Henry VI Sam Beazley
Queen Elizabeth,
wife to King Edward
Clare Higgins
Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers,
brother to Queen Elizabeth
Peter Sullivan
Marquess of Dorset, son to Queen
Elizabeth by her former marriage
Stephen Marchant
Lord Grey,
son to Queen Elizabeth
Colin Hurley
Lord Hastings, Lord Chamberlain David Bradley
Duke of Buckingham Brian Cox
Lord Stanley David Collings
Bishop of Ely Richard Simpson
Lord Mayor of London Sam Beazley
Sir William Catesby Derek Hutchinson
Sir Richard Ratcliffe Richard O'Callaghan
James Tyrrel - Earl of Surrey Hakeem Kae-Kazim
First Murderer - Lord Lovel -
Duke of Norfolk
Mark Strong
Second Murderer Phil McKee
Sir Robert Brakenbury,
Lieutenant of the Tower
Richard Bremmer
Keeper in the Tower Nicholas Blane
Scrivener - Second Citizen Richard Bremmer
First Citizen Nicholas Blane
Page Theo Cronin/Nicholas Gordon/Simon Blake
Maid - Nurse - Mistress Angela Clark
Henry, Earl of Richmond Colin Hurley
Sir James Blunt Richard Simpson
Sir Walter Herbert David Bradley
Earl of Oxford Bruce Purchase
Citizens, messengers, soldiers Played by members of the company

Musicians: Martin Allen (percussion), Sandy Burnett (keyboards), Colin Rae (trumpet/drums)

Director Richard Eyre
Designer Bob Crowley
Lighting Jean Kalman
Music Dominic Muldowney
Movement Jane Gibson
Fight John Waller
Voice Patsy Rodenburg
Assistant Director Cordelia Monsey
Staff Director
Chris Barton
Production Manager
Rodger Hulley
Stage Manager
John Caulfield
Deputy Stage Mangers
David Milling, Jane Suffling
Assistant Stage Managers
Fiona Bardsley, Wendy Fitt
Scott Myers
Assistant to the Lighting Designer
Laurence Clayton
Design Assistant
Bill Rasmussen
Company Alexander Work
Sue Laurie
Costume Supervisor
Christina Rowland,
assisted by Alistair McArthur

Length: about 3 hours 35 minutes including 20-minute interval
Original programme designed by Michael Mayhew & Rose Towler