1958: School-Leaver's Notebook

After eight years at grammar school I have left. I have travelled from the first form to the sixth. and now reached the largest class of all, the Old Boys' Association. Read More

1997: What A Difference A Day Makes

Why I am a Vegetarian. Read More

2000: The Night Mandela Upstaged The Queen

So where was the river of fire? What is wrong with the Queen that she didn't cross her arms during "Auld Lang Syne?" Read More

2002: Smoke Signals

Like many of my generation, I had my first cigarette (filched from my father’s jacket in the wardrobe) before I ever drank alcohol or managed an orqasm. Read More

2004: The 2012 Summer Olympics

Today at the London Eye big wheel on the river Thames there is a party to thank those who have supported London’s Bid to host the 2012 Games here. Read More

2004: Officially Old
Thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes from all over the world – lovely! Read More

2010: Waiting for Gormley

All the world's an installation and all the men and women merely sculptures. Read More

2011: Looking for Lowry

Margy Kinmonth’s film looks for L.S. Lowry mostly through the eyes of his admirers, who include me. Early on, she asked me to present and narrate the film: I said I was neither expert enough nor objective enough to do either. Yet in the finished film I seem to be presenting and narrating Kinmonth’s words just as she intended all along: as well as speaking Lowry’s words and even trying for a sort of impersonation which is passable from the back only. Read More

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