Wolf Brother

Michelle Paver's series of books, The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, began in 2004 with publication of Wolf Brother. Set 6,000 years ago, the stories focus on Torak, a young member of the Wolf Clan who suddenly must fend for himself when his father is killed by a demon bear. In Wolf Brother, Torak undertakes a quest to the Mountain of the World Spirit. Read by Ian McKellen, Wolf Brother was released on audio tapes and CD on 16 September 2004.

Ian McKellen and author Michelle Paver
in London during recording of WOLF BROTHER

The treat of last year was Ian McKellen's rendition of Wolf Brother, Michelle Paver's outstanding story about a Bronze Age boy, Torak, left alone in the forest when his father is killed by an enchanted bear. The sequel, Spirit Walker isn't out until September but if your older children can hang on that long, it is just as stunning. Torak has now been adopted by the Raven Clan, but his peace is temporary for no sooner does he notice clan members falling prey to a deadly sickness than a new quest is demanded from him. McKellen is an enchanter, and this recoding is one of his great professional achievements. I can pay it no higher compliment than to say it made the five-hour drive to Cornwall pass without a single quarrel." — Amanda Craig, The Independent, 7 August 2005

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