Blog| 15 March 2011 |Theatre in Welllington

There's lots of entertaining theatre in Wellington just now, some of it to coincide with this week's 2nd AsiaPacific Outgames. At Downstage I've seen Mates and Lovers, a two-man telling of New Zealand's gay history.  This is packed with fascinating detail, tho doesn't mention Samuel Butler, the author of Erewhon, the utopia named for his station/farm on the South Island — not far from the site of LOTR's Edoras.

Saturday night I forwent the drag queen competition at St James's Theatre for Downstage again, and Drumdrag, starring Lilith LaCroix. LL is the drag incarnation of Gareth Farr, NZ's acclaimed composer and percussionist. She has been absent for 10 years and it showed a little. She lost her place in the script; I've done the same thing in my own solo shows. Actually Lilith is not a soloist: she is supported by two strapping and enthusiastic drummers. She stands between them, besequinned,  drumming and singing her heart out. The soulful Kurt Weill song of Pirate Jenny was impeccable and disturbing. And all the drumming was athletic, witty and even to this percussophobe, glorious. And this thorough-going professional expertise is presented by a creature who adores showing-off. Lilith's carefree abandoned relish makes you feel you are watching through her bedroom mirror. If she comes out of hiding again, don't miss her.


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