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19 December 2012Galadriel & FIGWIT
6 December 2012Twitter Interviews
23 November 2012Upcoming Premieres
12 November 2012Has Peter Jackson Changed?
1 November 2012Premieres
28 October 2012Filming in 3D
24 October 2012Is it True?
14 March 2012The Hobbits
29 November 2011Moving on
13 November 2011Soldiering On
31 May 2011Congratulations, dear Watson
10 May 2011THE HOBBIT, 2 Elves and another Wizard
1 April 2011Spoiler Alert!
31 March 2011Gandalf is tested
29 March 2011Wizard's Re-emergence
 27 March 2011Halflings and Hot Dogs
17 March 2011First rehearsals
16 March 2011Cricket for Christchurch
15 March 2011Theatre in Wellington
9 March 2011Cricket in Wellington
8 March 2011Bilbo in 3D
7 March 2011Remembering Christchurch; Stephen Davies and Gareth Thomas
4 March 2011Peter Jackson
2 March 2011Royal New Zealand Ballet
28 February 2011Another sunny day in Seatoun
28 February 2011Earthquake Relief; Reading The Hobbit again
25 February 2011Partying with Dwarves
22 February 2011First report from the middle of Middle-earth
10 January 2011I will return to Middle-earth as Gandalf in The Hobbit

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