Galadriel (Cate Blanchett) and Gandalf (Ian McKellen)

Blog | 19 December 2012 | Galadriel & FIGWIT

Some parts of The Hobbit I enjoyed most:

One thing Middle-earth is short on is the feminine. It's a pity, because a female dwarf would have been fun. Bilbo's mother, the "famous Belladonna Took," will make a brief appearance in the extended DVD/Blu-ray edition but in the film itself, thank goodness for the ravishing re-appearance of Cate Blanchett's serene Galadriel. She is so sweet to Gandalf, countering the sinister presence of a mournful Saruman at the conference table. Actually Christopher Lee wasn't with the rest of us, filming in New Zealand. His contribution was shot back home in London and then sliced into the scene, though you can't tell, of course.

Also on hand with the other gorgeous-looking elves in Rivendell is FIGWIT: and if you don't know who that is, you haven't been following the Flight of the Conchords' subplot. It's a Kiwi in-joke.

ps I'm on Alan Carr's hilarious Chatty Man show this Friday wearing an assortment of high fashion from my pre-Christmas presents wardrobe - Topman's silky shirt, Dior's dress trousers, Unconditional's velvet dinner-jacket and Louboutin's metallised shoes. As for the underwear, you will just have to guess.

— Ian McKellen, London, 19 December 2012

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